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What Causes Hormone Imbalance in Seniors?

A senior woman with glasses sitting on a couch appears to be sad and looking outside the window.

As seniors age, it’s natural for them to experience changes throughout their body—like a shift in their hormone production.  Hormones play an essential role in your body’s natural functions, but they’re susceptible to many factors that can change their production and lead to a hormonal imbalance. But what exactly causes a hormonal imbalance in seniors? […]

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Does Early Onset Alzheimer’s Progress Faster?

A silhouette image of a human head and part of it getting erased using a pencil eraser. A representation of memory loss.

Under normal circumstances, deciding how you want to live when you retire isn’t typically a complicated decision. And no one wants to think how the possibility of needing memory care after developing Alzheimer’s or dementia could affect their retirement decision, let alone wondering about developing it earlier in life. As if Alzheimer’s wasn’t destructive enough […]

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