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How Occupational Therapy Can Prevent Senior Falls

An older adult man undergoing occupational therapy.

Maintaining balance and mobility is important at any age, however, the older we get, the more of a challenge balance and mobility becomes. Falls among older adults are not only common but can also have serious consequences, ranging from minor injuries to fractures and even fatalities.  However, there’s good news: occupational therapy (OT) offers effective […]

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When Is It Time For Independent Living?

Inside foyer of Meadowcrest at Middletown independent living.

The golden years of retirement bring forth a host of decisions, including the vital choice of where to live. For many seniors, downsizing from the family home to a more manageable living situation is a significant step.  Enter independent living communities: havens for seniors who can essentially care for themselves but are seeking a lifestyle […]

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Senior Safety: Preventing Falls in the Bathroom

Image of a mature adult's hand holding a grab bar.

Bathroom use can become more difficult for seniors with time, making falls a greater risk. However, these falls are preventable, whether with a specially designed or better-organized bathroom.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 3 million seniors visit the emergency room yearly for falls. With the risk falls can have for older […]

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How to Keep Good Mental Health While Aging

Image of a shape of a head cutout from a piece of paper made up of puzzle pieces, with two pieces removed.

Many older adults find it difficult to accept the aging process, with physical changes and accompanying mental health challenges. After all, we’re aware mental health can decline with age.  Around 15% of adults aged 60 and over have a mental disorder. However, there are things seniors can do to keep their minds active while working […]

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What is Independent Living?

Mature smiling woman sitting on her yoga mat leaning on her exercise ball

Independent living is a great option when it’s time to retire and you’re ready to move into a community with like-minded neighbors. With the evolution of housing and a newfound commitment to older adults, the prospect of independent living represents comfort and relaxation. The rise of dedicated communities for independent living results in a safe […]

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