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Can Someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia Live at Home?

Senior at home playing chess with his daughter in order to support healthy cognition

There’s No Place Like Home    It can be overwhelming and confusing when our loved ones are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It’s essential to seek out detailed information about these progressive conditions before deciding your next steps.  Studies have shown that remaining at home can be beneficial to those in the early stages of […]

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How to Communicate with People with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Senior woman looking at her husband with worry because of his dementia

Communication is an integral part of our lives and is more than just talking and listening. It allows us to exchange information, share knowledge, and develop relationships with the people around us.  Because communication is such a vital part of our lives, especially in our relationships, it can be difficult for everyone when a loved […]

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What Do Alzheimer’s Patients Remember & Why?

A woman concerned over her partner who is having a difficult time remembering

Navigating the Journey of Memory Loss If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, it may be difficult to understand why some memories fade more quickly than others. Experts are still studying ways to unravel the brain’s inner workings, but recent research into memory loss may offer a few explanations. Alzheimer’s disease progressively impairs […]

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Memory Care vs. Nursing Homes: What’s the Difference?

A caregiver holding the hands of a senior

A Simple Difference  If you have an elderly loved one requiring full-time care, you may have questions about the options available. If you’re considering a nursing home or memory care facility, it’s essential to understand the differences between these types of facilities before making a decision.  Memory care facilities are designed exclusively for residents with […]

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Welcome to The Family: Quinna Staten

Quinna Staten joins us as Director of Community Relations for Meadowcrest at Middletown. In this role, she’ll be meeting with prospective residents and families, getting to know them, and finding out how Meadowcrest can meet their individual needs (and exceed expectations!). There is nothing she enjoys more than watching a resident transform from apprehensive into one of […]

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Meadowcrest Construction Update: December

Just two short months after breaking ground, Meadowcrest at Middletown is beginning to take shape. The team has been incredibly busy—preparing and demolishing existing structures on the site, digging the basement, setting up the building pad for footers, and installing the access road on the right side of the site. In the coming months, we’ll […]

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Meadowcrest at Middletown Celebrates Groundbreaking

Neither rain nor wind could keep New Castle County locals from celebrating the historic groundbreaking of the first senior living community to be built in the area – Meadowcrest at Middletown. The only Independent Living community around, Meadowcrest offers all the luxury of Independent Living and its many amenities, but in a monthly rental concept without […]

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